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1. Consultancy on transport investment and construction, including:

-   Preparation of planning, pre-feasibility study report, feasibiity study for construction investment projects and procurement of transport facilities and vehicles;

-   Survey, design, and preparation of cost estimates for rail and road works(comprising of bridges, tunnels, culverts, roads, tracks, stations, signal – telecom systems, industrial and civil works);

-   Design, manufacture, renovation and reformation of locomotives, cars, mechanical facilities and vehicles dedicated for railway industry;

-   Appraisal of pre-feasibility study, feasibility study, designs and cost estimates;

-   Consultancy on inspection and supervision of construction quality of transport works; consultancy on management of transport construction investment projects; consultancy on compiling regulations, codes, technical standards applied to transport field;

-   Consultancy on supervision of quality of installation and technology transfer of industrial plants and equipment and other means of transport;

-   Structural design of industrial and civil works;

-   Design of water supply and sewerage;

-   Design of post and telecom networks for construction works;

-   Design and installation of electrical systems of transport works;

-   Construction supervision of power lines and substations up to 220 kV, items: installation of equipment, construction - completion;

-   Design of power lines and substations up to 35kV;

-   Geological investigation; Geodetic survey;

-   Consulting service on bidding: preparation of bidding documents and evaluation of bids;

-   Construction supervision and completion of civil and industrial works;

-   Design of architectural works;

-   Management of construction investment project;

-   Consultancy on management of costs and pricing;

-   Transport-specialized test.

2. Construction of facilities: Construction of experimental works and works with advanced science and technology.

3. Dealing in plants, equipment and other pare parts: Purchase and sale of plants, equipment and auxiliary spare parts.

4. Dealing in real estate, land-use right under the ownership of land owners or rental:  dealing in real estate under the ownership or ental, leasing office.

5. Acting as employment consultant and agency: Providing human resources in accordance with law.

6. Leasing plants, equipment and other tangible wares: leasing plants and equipment.

7. Agency and auction: Agency for train ticket.

8. Other businesses: Purchase and sale of waste materials.

9. Dealing in electronic and telecommunication equipment and spare parts: Dealing in electronic items.

10. Renting motorized vehicles: Car rental

11. Photocopying, document preparation and other office assistance activities: photocopying and document preparation.

12. Financial assistance activities: Investment consultancy activities (exclusive of consultancy on law, finance, accounting, audit, tax and security).

13. Management consultancy activities (exclusive of  consultancy on law, finance,  accounting, audit, tax and security).

14. Other professional, scientific and technological activities: environmental consultancy.

15. Other business assistance services: import and export of goods dealt by the company

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